Monday, March 13, 2017

Thames (NZ): WWI ROH Thames - 100 year anniversary

Since closing my facebook site, I have been remiss in not keeping up-to-date the names of our WWI ROH on the date of their 100 year anniversary.

A full list of our World War One Roll of Honour names has been recorded in date order, so that you can scroll down and view all the men who were classified as war deaths.

Remember there is also a slideshow that has where possible a photo of our WWI ROH soldiers.

So far this year, one hundred years ago four soldiers from Thames had died in 1917. Be prepared 1917 will see many names listed, as casualties were great. Refer to the WWI ROH list for details.

The 1917 WWI ROH deaths are as of this 100 year anniversary date:

30/01/1917 In the Field, France; MOORE Dennis Charles; 24/1125; Rifleman 2nd Batt 3rd NZRB 
21/02/1917 In the Field, France; RONALDSON Roy; 12/3799; Private 2nd Batt AIR 
21/02/1917 In the Field, France or Belgium; FOY Joseph Michael; 24003; Private 2nd Batt AIR 
22/02/1917 In the Field, France; PETERSON Frank Newman; 11528; Private 2nd Batt AIR