Friday, November 10, 2017

Thames (NZ): 1930s Thames - a new book

Yet another booklet!!! This time the focus is on the Depression years of the 1930s at Thames.

Title: 1930s THAMES: The Goldfield town revisited

By Althea Barker

An A4 booklet, black and white print, 68 pages, ISBN 978-0-473-41067-4, published Nov 2017.
An overview of the town during the 1930s. Contents include: Businesses, Churches, Depression, Directories (street and telephone), Floods, Hospitals, Hotels, Lost Pioneers, Mining National and world news, occupations, parades, schools, shipping, sports, Trains and transport, and special visits. Plus a section on 'Then and Now' photographs around the town.

BELOW: Book cover front & back for 1930s Thames: The Goldfield town revisited
Thames was used to economic hard times, more so than many other towns around the country. The gold mining booms that mostly never eventuated - to the optimism that the next big 'find' was just around the corner. The town itself was deeply in debt, but businesses and residents alike worked tirelessly to ride out the storm and prepare for better times. Sound embellished? Not at all! Thamesites, as can be seen in the book were well used to supporting one another and meeting the challenges head on. Parades and fundraisers never stopped, despite the usual major flood or two.

Many will have grown up hearing of the hardships of the depression, this booklet looks at Thames during those years.