Monday, December 25, 2017

Thames (NZ): Totara Cemetery Gates CLOSED

Well what a way to start Christmas Day. As we drove up the road to Totara Cemetery, there was a line-up of cars and people waiting along the drive. The problem? At 8.30am the gates were still padlocked! While it could have been possible for some to make the long trek up the hill, it was not a viable option for most of us.

The Council were rung but no one came while I was waiting. Many cars turned around, hopefully to return later. Some ingenuity got us in one way at least.

The next surprise came at the grounds of the cemetery itself. Normally Christmas Day is a pristine view along the 'beautifully' kept cemetery.  Alas today many areas were deep in grass, and some hand pruning was necessary around the grave-sites we visited.

PS. TCDC when are you ever going to replace the water tap at the tree opposite the RSA section. The sooner we get a "Friends of the Cemetery Group" going the better. Yes sorry for the rant.

*****Merry Xmas*****