Monday, March 1, 2021

Thames (NZ): New Website to help with Thames searches

 I keep apologising for not getting cracking on posts, I promise I will soon get back into the swing of things! In the meantime...


Go and visit Diane Wilson's new website!

I was lucky enough to be on Diane's teams many years ago. With great efficiency, Diane organised groups of people throughout New Zealand to index records. Electoral Rolls, Marriages, Burials, the list went on and on. Now thanks to Diane's generosity the enormous database is available online for free.

Scroll down the home page until you reach the search area, enter surnames and see what information is available.


I searched for my mother's Marriage - and the results give spouse and year (1949).


Search Diane's Wilson Collection and see if you can find some helpful hints.

Best of all - FOR FREE!!!