Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Thames (NZ): Dedication & Lighting news for the Thames WWI Peace Memorial

AmazingAMAZING news from TCDC (Thames Coromandel District Council) today, concerning  new lighting on the Thames WWI Peace Memorial.

The Memorial was first unveiled and dedicated 25 April 1925. It was the dream of Thamesites to have the memorial suitably lit, but money restraints meant only a make-do system was installed. Wouldn't they be overjoyed today to hear that new lighting has been installed.

Full details are on the TCDC website, the main points are:
"The Thames War Memorial has always been a prominent reminder of the tenacity, bravery and honour of our World War I generation.
From the evening before ANZAC day this year, the memorial that stands tall over Thames will be lit up 365 nights of the year to honour our local men killed and to commemorate all our returned servicemen and women.
It will shine white overnight then red at 6am on the morning of ANZAC Day this year and from that day forth, it will be lit 365 nights of the year.
"I love the fact that the monument will be a beacon for Thames both day and night and a constant reminder of our fallen," says Thames-Coromandel District Council Mayor Sandra Goudie. "We will not forget those who fought in the war and are named on that beacon," says Mayor Sandra."

"Thanks to the generosity of local businesses Shaun Richards Electrical and Twentymans Funeral Directors covered the shortfall of around $4000."

The dedication details are:  Order of the evening
1730 -1800 hours - Transport provided to the Cenotaph from Twentymans Car Park Courtesy of Thames Fire Brigade
1550 - Piper -  Pipe Major Peter Jones of the Pipes and Drums of Thames Valley - Lament
1800 - Welcome – Captain Russell Skeet
1805  - Mayor Sandra Goudie
1810 - MP for Coromandel – Scott Simpson J.P.
1815 - Address by RSA President Mr David Sinton
1820  - Dedication and Blessing by RSA Padre Harvey Dalton
Piper to play ‘Amazing Grace’
1830  - Back to Twentymans car park and meet at then Thames RSA for coffee and rum.