Thursday, April 6, 2017

Thames (NZ): View from Upper Albert Street

One of the most populated streets at the Thames was also the most challenging, yet over the decades hundreds of families would have spent time at Upper Albert Street. Was it the view over the town? The closeness to work, shops, park, wharf and schools? What ever the reason, they certainly managed to pack a lot of houses along this steep road. The postcard below gives a view from the early 1900s.

In the 1902 Street Directory the following householders were listed: John Clarken (Miner), George Cole (Carter), William Cole (Miner), Mrs Farley, P Ganley (Moulder), Thomas Guy (Miner), Mrs Hart, F J Horn (Moulder), Fred Ladner (Bricklayer), D McLean (Miner), Thomas Moyle (Miner), Mrs Moorcroft, Wm Moyle (Miner), M Mullins (Miner), J Pollock (Miner), G Robertson (Miner), W Robinson (Carpenter), W Robinson (Miner), Abel Rowe (Miner) W Rudkin (Moulder), James Taylor (Miner), J Tonkin (Miner), Frank Trebilcock (Miner), and John Trebilcock (Miner).

  ABOVE: Close-up of the houses in Upper Albert Street.
BELOW: The full postcard showing Upper Albert Street, and the Waiokaraka School bottom right.