Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Thames (NZ): 150 Years - Photo Slideshow Thames Then & Now

The town of Thames is currently celebrating and remembering the history of the area during the 150th Commemorations. The goldfield was first opened 1st August 1867. Since that time, a lot has changed.

Land that was occupied and cultivated by local iwi was quickly transformed into a noisy, busy, and crowded industrial town.  Based on a small booklet, there is now a slideshow that highlights the changes in the town. Step back in time and see for yourself the changes to the town they called 'The Thames'.

The slideshow is available on Youtube

Below is a selection of photographs from the Slideshow
 ABOVE: Mary Street Then & Now, looking east to the Una Hill
BELOW: Pollen Street Then & Now, looking north from Grey Street intersect