Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Block 27 Thames

Often researchers are confused when their relatives address is given as BLOCK 27 - a name that was widely used on maps and by residents, for instance when they registered Births, Marriages or Deaths.

The original name for Block 27 was WAITANGIRUA and this name still appears on deed documents.
In August 1885 a Royal commission was opened to look at the tenure of Block 27. (Thames Star 20 Jan 1955 as reported by T Hammond)  The lower line of Augustus Street was noted as being the first line cut in the goldfield and was fenced by Taipari and Mackay in 1867; and ran across to Gibbons Battery at Karaka Creek. There were ongoing queries on land ownership which can be seen in the Thames Star in 1885 ending in the court case in August 1885.

A full report of the 1885 court case can be found online at Papers past, here is an example of one day. An interesting mention in September 1885 that this land known as block 27 was originally designed to be a diggers camp.

The photo below is taken from Sandes Street, just north of the Sealey Street intersect. Augustus Street North is middle left, in the middle is Franklin Street, further up is Richmond Street. In the far left can be seen Shortland Cemetery. See Further street photos here and maps on my main site.

BLOCK 27, Thames (Dunnage Postcard Booklet)