Saturday, December 25, 2010


The first aged Mens refuge was on the western side of Baillie Street by Karaka Creek in 1879. Designed for men who were homeless, destitute and without family. At the beginning there was no caretaker but following an inmates death, a caretaker was appointed. A concern was that there was nothing for the men to do and that many would be able to do light work if it was available.

1894 the Charitable Aid Board secured land at Tararu for an Old Mens and Womens Home. The 12 acre property cost equivalent of $70 an acre (ref "Thames 100 years"). Farming was started on the site and continued till 1960. Over the years development was undertaken at the site to many of the buildings. The homes provided vital care for the elderly of Thames and surrounding areas. The home w asrun by the Thames Hospital Board.

Several of the oral histories recorded by the Thames Oral History group have accounts about the Tararu homes.

The home and land is now privately owned and has been completely redeveloped into a facility offering all categories of care, from independent to dependent run by Bupa

Tararu District Homes - Thames