Sunday, December 5, 2010

Pre-1930 Thames Businesses (U to Z)

Further information available at The Treasury - Pre 1930 Business Register folders

Business Name or Surname Firstname Category Address Description

VAILE W Oufitter Owen Street
VALLER & THORNTON Fruiterer Brown Street and Pollen Street Thorntons
VAUTIER & ANDERSON Architect Thames James Kernick agent
VEALE Thomas Insurance Agent Thames See: North British & Mercantile
VEALE & CO Produce Merchant Pollen Street Central
VEALE & HUDSON Produce Merchant Pollen Street
VERRAN BROS LTD Carrier Queen Street See: Dickey & Verran Co
WADES BOARDINGHOUSE Boarding house Queen Street aka Provincial Boardinghouse
WAIOTAHI RESTAURANT Restaurant Abraham Street
WALDRON & MUMEY Blacksmith Queen Street
WALLACE & CO Jeweller Brown Street
WALLACE SUPPLIES LTD Provision Merchant Pollen Street
WALLER G Tobacconist Brown Street
WALSH James Henry Butcher Owen St Previously John Neal's. See also: Davies Bros
WALTERS J Clothier Cnr Mary & Pollen St The Corner Shop
WALTON J L Grocer Sealey Street
WAYMOUTH & CO Auctioneer Cnr Albert & Kirkwood St
WAYTE Edward Publisher Pollen Street
WELLS BROS Butcher Brown Street
WELLS Seymour Goldsmith Williamson St
WEST John Blacksmith "Willoughby St and Cnr Pollen & Cochrane St"
WEST J B & Co Stock Agent Parawai
WHELAN Mrs Confectioner Pollen Street
WHITE Mrs George Boarding house Owen Street
WHITE W & Son Car Sales Pollen Street
WHITEHEAD & SON Bootmaker Pollen Street M Whitehead
WHITFORD J L Sharebrokers Thames See: Sharebrokers
WICKHAM John Dickson Sharebrokers Exchange Buidings Grahamstown
WIGHT R A junr Produce Merchant Pollen Street
WILCOX Miss Adult Education Pollen Street
WILDISH Geo W Tailor Pollen Street
WILDMAN Thos & Mrs Music Teachers Pollen Street
WILKES M J Watchmaker Pollen Street Chronometer House
WILKINSON George T Interpreter Shortland
WILLETTS Mrs Umbrellas Pollen Street See: C B THORNE
WILLIAMS & CO E F Brewery Agent Grahamstown
WILSON & CO Draper Pollen Street
WILTSHIRE George Storekeeper Cnr Mary & Pollen St Previously Wm Hewitt & Co
WINDER F Car Sales Pollen Street
WISEMAN R Tailor Brown Street
WOLFE B Seedsman Albert Street
WOOD Geo Grocer Pollen Street Wm Wood
WOOD H J Bookseller & Stationer Brown Street
WOOD Robert Draper Pollen Street Caledonian House
WOOD T Tobacconist & Clothier Pollen Street
WOOD W Bookbinder Sandes Street
WOOD & CO Auctioneer Shortland
WORTHINGTON G S Blacksmith Pollen and Queen Street See: James Buchan
WRIGHT C D Land Agents Albert Street
WRIGHT Henry H Land Agents Exchange Buidings Grahamstown
WRIGHT H L Dentists Pollen Street
WRIGHT W C Surveyor Grahamstown
WRIGHT & BAYLDON Surveyor Thames
WYLIE W S Draper Pollen Street
YOUNG S Transport Thames Thames Line of Omnibusses
ZEALAND BOOT WAREHOUSE Bootmaker Thames aka: NZ Boot Warehouse