Saturday, December 4, 2010

Pre-1930 Thames Businesses (I to L)

Further information available at The Treasury - Pre 1930 Business Register folders

Business Name or Surname Firstname Category Address Description

ILES A Photograher Pollen Street
IMPERIAL BAKERY Bakery Pollen Street See: F D Hain
IMPERIAL INSURANCE COMPANY Insurance Agent Grahamstown W McCullough C/- Evening Star
IRVINE A J & E Draper & Millinery Pollen Street
IZOD Lionel Vet Surgeon Shorts Livery Stables
JACOBSEN T B Architect Brown Street
JEFFERSON'S J H Bookseller Pollen Street See Also: M Ardern
JEFFREY'S J Seeds & Produce Brown Street
JENNINGS Wm Fish Shop Mary Street
JOBE Miss Womens & Childrens Clothing Pollen Street
JOHNSON Charles Nursery Sandes Street
JOHNSON Elizabeth (Mrs) Dressmaker Thames
JOHNSTON BROS Hairdresser & Tobacconist Pollen Street
JOHNSTON H M Assayers Grahamstown
JOHNSTON J GRANT Surveyor Pollen Street
JONASSEN Noah Motor Service Station Pollen Street
JORGENSEN & CO Tailor Pollen Street
JOYCE Mrs Artist Thames
JOYNT C Grocer Pollen Street
JUDD'S IRON FOUNDRY Foundry Queen Street
KALLU R S Plumber Sealey Street
KAURI TIMBER CO LTD Timber Merchants Pollen Street See: The Kauri Timber Co
KEESING ? Pollen Street
KEESING John Fancy Bazaar Brown Street Thames Bazaar
KEEVIN T Sports St Georges Hall See: Skating rink
KENDALL W H Butcher Owen Street see: London Butchery
KENNY BROS Carrier Baillie Street
KERNICK James Accountant Albert Street See also: Vautier & Anderson
KEVEN M & Son Storekeeper Thames
KIERNAN Saddler Brown Street
KIESANOWSKI V Tailor Pollen Street
KILGOUR Richard Sharebrokers Pollen Street
KINGS THEATRE Theatre Pollen Street
KIRK Robt Chemist Pollen Street
KITCHINGS T Drapery & Clothing Pollen Street
KNIGHT W Butcher Pollen Street
KOEFORD'S TOMATO SAUCE FACTORY Tomato Sauce Factory Pollen Street
LABARRE M Watchmaker Thames
LAMB BROS Timber Merchants Corner Pollen & Mary Streets
LAMPERIERES BREWERY Brewery Shortland aka Lemprieres
LANGE H H Tailor Thames see: Jno H Lange
LANGE Jno H Tailor Thames Previously H H Lange
LAST Frederick Dentists Brown Street
LAURIE C G Confectioner Pollen Street See: A A Taylor
LAW A Stationery Mary Street
LAWLESS T Tobacconist Brown Street
LEAHY J W Bootmaker Grahamstown
LEARMOUTH William Bakery Brown Street
LEMPRIERES Brewery Shortland See: Lamperieres Brewery
LESSONG & BUSCKI Surveyor Davy Street
LEWIS B C Y Shoe Store Brown Street
LEWIS J W Confectioner Pollen Street
LEYDON John Auctioneer Thames
LICHFIELD & OSBORNE Restaurant Thames
LITCHFIELD WM & Co Grocer Pollen Street aka Litchfield & Co
LLOYD & O'SULLIVAN Cycle dealer Pollen Street
LONDON BAKERY Bakery Pollen Street See: Stuarts Bakery
LONDON BUTCHERY Butcher Owen Street W H Kendall
LOWE & GOODWIN Butcher Pollen Street Henry Lowe, Butcher
LOWNDES OYSTER SALOON Restaurant Pollen Street
LUDLOW Mrs Grocery Karaka Road See: Star Store
LUSK Robert Coal & Wood Yard Davy Street
LYMBURN & SON Painter Albert Street
LYNCH M Milliner Pollen Street