Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Thames (NZ): Historic Tararu Cemetery CLOSED Temporarily

Yes, you guessed it! The heavy downpours of rain and strong winds, has resulted in some damage to the access at our historic Tararu Cemetery.

News from TCDC Facebook:
"Tararu Cemetery closed until further notice - A tree has blown down across the access way and there are slips on the stair case. Access to the site will be closed until further notice. - Amber"

Graeme has been to check the area today, and the good news is that it doesn't look like it will be too long in re-opening. One large pine has come down, the rest are relatively small branches. The massive step construction proved its worth and appears to have minimal debris with no major slips.

 The driveway to the Tararu Cemetery 17 July 2019
Photo thanks to G Pearce

In the meantime, you can continue your research of your ancestors interred at Tararu via the Find A Grave site. Also via the Thames Cemetery blog page.